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does brand strategy even matter anymore cover

We’ve all taken a knock with recent events. *Side note. If I hear the word unprecedented again I’ll scream* People are cutting budgets so they can survive and keep staff for longer… the list goes on.

We’ve become so focused on the here and now, that we’ve forgotten the big picture. I urge you to take off the blinkers. This is one time I’ll encourage you all NOT to live in the present. More than ever, we need to think of the future, and it will be different for every one of us. I’m afraid to say that we are not all in this together—another catch-phrase doing the rounds. We’re in the same storm, but some have a pool noodle to keep them afloat while others have ocean liners. This is even more reason why we need to have STRATEGY-LED discussions about how we tell our unique stories.

This pandemic has humbled us all. One thing I think we can all agree on is that we’ve all been forced to face our humanness. To connect with others in new ways (albeit at a distance) to be flexible and reinvent the way we live life and do business.

People want to cut costs and start with culling strategy-led discussion. I ask that you don’t. More than ever we need strategy-led work. Everything has changed and will continue to change but our brand-strategies going forward will be the glue that keeps it all together.

In the past, some people and companies created brands or products then made-up a story to help get it to market. Today, we know the best brands in the world have a story-centric strategy at their core, that they genuinely live through every touchpoint from the very beginning. Stories outlast disruption because they define the business they’re in beyond core product offering, category, technology or even a global pandemic.

As a group of creatives, we have the ability to take our clients’ work and uncover what makes it uniquely human. We’re able to tell their stories in ways that matter and resonate. We’re passionate about developing our clients’ work into something that is sustainable. We help create stories and a set of values that are greater than commercial targets and ambition. We help companies define their values and stories and communicate them in a way that SELLS.

Please don’t get me wrong. I know, we all need to make money. I know we don’t run companies to just tell inspirational stories and to have a lit end of year party.

Authenticity does pay off. Strategy-led ideas do pay off. Cut the toilet roll budget instead.