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lockdown not locked in cover

With so much uncertainty and sobering news constantly bombarding us it’s easy to slip into a negative mindset. The world now revolves around an echo chamber dictated by our cellphones, constantly beeping us into sad submission. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, and last week when lockdown was extended I started to feel the heaviness of what that really meant.

I started looking for inspiration. My Mom reminded me of the gratitude book she used to make us write in daily as kids. We laughed at some of the funnier things we wrote in it, but what hit home was the more simple notes.

“I’m thankful for our home.”
“I’m thankful for Mom making me my favourite dinner.”
“I’m thankful for my nice room.”

What lockdown has taught me is what not to take for granted. My home and the simple ability to be able to buy the food I need. But most of all, I am grateful for being safe, not just from the Coronavirus. For some, isolating at home presents additional risks and challenges.

Gender-based violence has increased during lockdown against women and children, who may be forced to endure isolation with their abuser(s), during this unprecedented extended period of confinement. There have now been warnings that domestic shelters for women are reaching their full capacity.

My media agency, Salt&Candy is proudly 100% women owned, and as such, we feel even more compelled to respond and acknowledge the increased risks, especially for the victims of domestic violence and abuse, who will now not only feel, but will actually be more isolated than ever.

We want to give back, and we want your help in doing that. Salt&Candy, in association with our female-first initiative F is for Female, will be donating R10 000.00 cash to a needy Women’s shelter as well as assist them with their marketing and awareness efforts going forward on a pro-bono basis.

Please help us find a worthy organisation by going to our social media pages and commenting on our post with an organisation you would recommend that Salt&Candy supports.


Must have been operating for at least 5 years.

Must possess a NPO certificate and / or a section 18 certificate.

Stay Safe. Stay Grateful.