Let’s Get it! SOCii is a brand new business, that tasked us with the exciting of building their brand from scratch! SOCii offers a unique services in bringing local businesses and influencers together in one online space. Small businesses can upload their products and influencers can then in turn browse through those products, select their […]

Honestly Essential

So Essentially… Honestly Essential is an American based company focused on creating quality essential oil based products. Their mission is to bring integrity back to essential oils and aromatherapy. Salt and Candy had the opportunity to create some stunning digital marketing content for them, including social media posts and web banners. We also assisted with […]

The Brewaholic

the brewaholic feature

Deep Brew The Brewaholic is a platform dedicated to promoting self-care through natural and genuine ingredients. By sharing personal experiences, we empower readers to create soothing and healing brews using humble ingredients. Our mission is to inspire confidence in exploring the potential of herbal teas, fostering a space for discovery and well-being.