Home Is Where The Heart Is

Essops Home has been in the furniture and decor industry for more than 30 years. They provide quality products at affordable prices from both local and international suppliers. They required a new strategy and approach to their marketing efforts.

We delivered an exciting new marketing strategy, brand narrative creation, print designs, digital marketing, paid media strategies and email marketing options.

Print & Digital

For Essops Home we created a variety of print and digital materials.

Essops has a seasonal catalogue that we would design every quarter to elegantly display their product offering. Other print materials also include flyers, posters and banners.

Together with print materials, we also created a variety of digital content for social media and for paid media campaigns.

Keeping It Visual

Essops Home constantly has brand new offers, products and services coming in that needs to be communicated to their clients.

We created monthly web banners that they used for both their website and paid marketing efforts. We wanted these banners to catch your eye as soon as you hop onto their website and communicate a clear message.

Our Essops Success

We love is when we put our data-driven creative process into action and see the results!

We increased Essops Home’s revenue by 40% and almost doubled the amount of transactions in the 6 month period after starting with S&C, achieving this whilst DECREASING the ad spend by almost 50%.

Our Essops success is definitely something that we are really proud of.