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Several years ago, three friends realised they were thinking in the same way about global economics. With this in mind, they set out on a journey to create a new way of managing the latest realities of the global markets 🌍

The three founders have created a software development company called Sintrad (Swarm INtelligence TRADing) Ltd, within which has developed the unique Swarm Matrix trading program.

Swarm Intelligence is a phenomenon observed in the natural world where the collective behaviour of a colony of simple ‘agents’ (Ant’s) generates far more advanced actions than the cumulative performance of the individuals. Sintrad has found a way to harness this phenomenon 💻

We were tasked with explaining the why, what and how of Swarm Intelligence through simple, yet effective copy and design that we rolled out to a comprehensive Brand Bible, Website Design and Development and a super logo build with custom animation of the ants 🐜

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