Business Strategy, Social Media, Traditional Media Relations, Web Design & Development

About This Project:
uBank’s founding principle’s centre around core African values of Ubuntu. educating communities, empowering and developing workers. With 40 years of banking experience, 100% commitment to its clients, uBank has achieved phenomenal strides providing microfinance and specific products for gold and platinum mining communities.

uBank was seeking to expand its tailor-made financial service solutions into other working markets for growth by identifying and acquiring Strategic Partnerships, namely MTN’s MoMo Campaign. The MoMo partnership will be powered by uBank thus positioning uBank with an opportunity to create its own Brand Awareness, Customer Loyalty and most importantly tell its untold story.

Salt & Candy Created a new marketing strategy that had six main outputs & focus areas with an emphasis on Corporate Identity, Developing stories, Campaigns, Website Design, Social Media and continuous Market Research initially.

uBank wanted to move into a Thrive space as the COVID lockdown started, which required us to PIVOT our strategy. We successfully architected and executed a COVID 19, multi-media PR crisis management plan. Our worked spanned from CEO comms to staff, to traditional media, and internal staff and stakeholder relationship management, resulting in extensive positive media coverage and informed & uplifted staff members whilst still maintaining our ‘Growing With U’ campaign.